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Product Description:

Over 15,000 people have made the brave choice to switch to a NoPhone. With a thin, light and completely wireless design, the NoPhone Selfie acts as a surrogate to any smart mobile device, enabling you to always have a rectangle of smooth, cold plastic to clutch without forgoing any potential engagement with your direct environment. Never again experience the unsettling feeling of flesh on flesh when closing your hand.

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2016 Shark Tank Appearance


What's Included:

  • One NoPhone
  • One Reflective Stick-on Selfie Mirror
  • Authentic Human Connection
  • Eye Contact
  • Real Friends 

What's Not Included:

  • Texting Your Ex-Boyfriend or Ex-Girlfriend
  • Location Tracking
  • Browsing History
  • Data Overages
  • Dead Batteries
  • A Real Phone 

UPC: 869609000114
Weight: 4 oz

The NoPhone has no warranty and is not intended to be used for anything. 

If your NoPhone order is lost or damaged during shipping, please email us at to receive further details on how to return it for an immediate replacement.

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